Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Children's Day - Parent's Day

Hello Hello!

As y'all know, this week on Tuesday was children's day. Our branch had a picnic and we brought our favorite girl Hwanhee with us! We went up to an old catholic monastery in the mountains and it was absolutely beautiful. In Korea, they used to persecute Catholics a lot so the site had a lot of interesting history. There were also a ton of cultural dances and music going on which was awesome too see too! It was cool to see a more traditional side of Korea, because so much is really modern now. 

Because of Children's day and Parent's Day and Mother's day this week seemed to just fly by! We meet with so many people every day. And besides my favorite children, we are really getting close with two college student girls name Doeun and Yujin. They both are really interested in missionary work and like the message of our gospel. As a missionary I feel like I see so much more potential and light in other people that I recognized before. But these two girls are truly amazing and we hope that as we continue to meet with them they will want to continue to learn more about their Heavenly Father and Savior. WE have so much hope for every single person we meet, and every prayer helps! 

There are lanterns popping up everywhere here now because Buddhas birthday is coming up on May 25th (that's right Alex! You have the same birthday as Buddha!) Lanterns have a way of bringing hope as well. And honestly when I see them, I'm reminded of how much light each person has and how as missionaries we help people grow and share that light. 

So no real crazy stories this week! The holidays kept things a little bit calm and some crazy food made me sick, hahaha so just prepare for some craziness next week! I'm excited for everything God has in store for me and the people I meet here in Korea. I know I'm here for a reason and I love these people so much. They've already changed my life.

Keep doing awesome things and telling me about them! I love hearing about y'alls amazing adventures (going to panama, buying new homes, getting married, breaking legs, new jobs, summer plans!
) and I'm always praying for you!!


Sister Weston

Childrens Day!

Hello everyone!

This week has been amazing. I'm finally understand and speaking more Korean and that makes things a lot more fun! haha. 

Tomorrow is Children's Day in Korea. Basically the whole country takes the day off work and school and just celebrates! It happens every year on may 5th, and then May 8th is parents day! Basically the same thing happens but all of the parties happen on children's day :D

Because of this, today isn't actually my preparation day but our president still wanted us to email home. Tomorrow we will use as our pday so we can go to our branch's children's day picnic!!!! Sister Kim Hayun and I get to plan the games and I can assure you they will be tons of fun! Get excited for pictures next week!

In honor of childrens day and a short email time, I'm just going to send you a lot of pictures of all the adorable children we teach english and gospel lessons to! They are pretty much the cutest ever. 

I love all of you! Whenever I show anyone here pictures of my friends and family they think you are so beautiful! So know that you are all just a little bit famous in Onyang, Korea!!

I'll send lot of details next week, until then daow mae baeyo!

Sister Weston