Sunday, September 6, 2015

No Coincidences

Hello Everyone!

Well, this week has been nuts. I met my new companion Sister Uhl on Thursday and y'all will literally not believe this!! 

We got to Deajeon on Thursday morning and had a training meeting before meeting our greenies. They put all of our names on the board next to our greenies names, and when I saw sister Uhl's name all I could feel was this overwhelming sense of peace. I thought I should be really nervous but I wasn't. They showed me a tiny black and white picture of her and told me she was from Provo and I was like "YEAH AWESOME! let's go meet her!" Then, they let us in the room where the greenies were and everything got crazy....

I saw Sister Uhl and immediately both of our faces lit up, we ran to each other and hugged and started crying.... y'all..... I worked with her in OneStop at BYU!!! At the time I only new her as Rachel and when I saw her tiny black and white picture I couldn't recognize her but when we got face to face it all became clear. There is no way on earth it's a coincidence that we are now companions and working together in the most amazing mission in the world. The Lord truly has a plan for all of his children and he is individually aware of each one of us. 

Sister Uhl is awesome! She has got to be the sweetest person on the planet. She loves soccer, and plays piano super well, loves to sing, loves to serve, and is pretty much the best companion. She reminds me a lot of Sister Millard and her sister Maddi :) Which makes me super happy! I'm excited to learn from her, work with her, and see what the Lord's will is for us the transfer. 

We also performed that musical I told y'all about last week! It was so fun and the members loved it. Thank goodness sister Uhl can play the piano because she seriously pulled the whole thing together. But in a super pivotal moment when one person spun off the stage and I spun on, my knee did that thing where it collapses and it was pretty epic. Don't worry though haha the recovery was somewhat graceful and everyone seemed to enjoy it :))) 

A girl that we are teaching named Yuna is currently preparing to be baptized. she has the purest spirit and we are so excited for her to start a new path in her life- but we really need y'alls prayers that she can continue to prepare well and feel the Lord's guidance and love in her life. Thank you always for your prayers I love you so much!

That's it for now! This week was wonderful and I'm so excited for this next week too! AHHH! It's crazy not having a Korean companion to turn to when you don't understand something- but I think the Lord wants me to learn to rely on Him more and it's working! I love all of you so much and I hope you have a lovely week!

All my love,
Sister Weston

P.S. If you get the chance to read Alma 26:12 I promise you won't regret it :)
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What??? A musical and a speech.....

Hey Everybody!

I hope y'all have had a lovely week this week! I wish I had words to explain to y'all what I'm feeling right now about everything that happened this week but I really don't! It's been incredible and humbling and I'm so excited/nervous for all that is yet to come.

So this week, in a period of about 24 hours, I was told that I needed to write a 10 minute musical, then a speech for a Korean speech competition, and then a talk to be given on Sunday with our mission president, President Shin. I for real almost died.

Luckily I have the best companion in the world and she woke up every morning with me at 6 so I would have time to write all of these things and to help me translate them throughout the day. 

The musical will be performed this coming Saturday at a family home evening that the ward is hosting at church. They asked me to write it about my conversion story. So I put everything in a fairytale setting and tried to make it fun for the kids :) My district leader called me after he read it and said he cried... I'll let you know how it goes next week! haha. 

Then.. the speech competition. Holy cow. It was held by a man named Robert Holly who is American, served a mission here, and is supperrrrrrrr famous in Korea! I literally was so nervous, but thankful that I was competing with some of the sisters I was in the MTC with, and so many Koreans who work so hard to learn English to be able to compete as well (the Koreans spoke in English and the Americans spoke in Korean). When all was said and done, my favorite friend from our ward, Jo Eunbi, took home the gold for the English contest and I got a free dinner for two for winning the Korean contest! Hahahaha the Lord must have performed some sort of miracle to help me win. It was so much fun and a super awesome experience for me. 

Then.... Sunday.... oh man. I was so nervous y'all. Speaking with President was something else. Seriously such a huge blessing, and so humbling. Our members did an amazing job of bringing people to church and there were so many new people that came we didn't have enough missionaries to sit by them! We saw our members get so excited about missionary work and the spirit in the church when so many new people came. Although I hardly slept the night before, the talk went well and  everyone had a wonderful time hearing from President and sister Shin :) I think we will continue to see amazing things happen in our ward because of their influence. And I though after a week of speech writing and preparing and giving I could rest for a bit... but the Lord has other plans.

We got transfer calls today, and Sister Oh and I are both staying in ChoongJang (YAYYYYYYYY) but we are both getting new greenies (WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT). WE literally could not believe it. Hence why I don't know what to call this email or even what to write y'all right now. It's so humbling to think that the Lord trusts us to take care of two new sisters and this area. I have a strong feeling that for the next long while I will be learning how to rely on the Lord on a whole new level. But if there's anything that I've learned from this last week (thanks to some crazy experiences and awesome talks sent to me by Milly and Leifsy), it's that as we exercise faith, the Lord is able to do through us far more than we ever could on our own. It is because of Him that we are here. and because of Him all things are made possible. 

We will meet our new sisters on Thursday! So next week we will send lots of pictures and let you know how amazing they are! :) If you could pray for their safe arrival and to calm their hearts as they start this amazing experience we would be super grateful!

Love y'all so much and am praying for you always! :)

with huge smiles and hugs,
Sister Weston

P.S. Also gave a speech in English class, haha forgot, but it was about Alabama and everyone loved it! ROLL TIDE!
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Rainy Day out fit!
Hey Everyone,
There's kind of a lot of stories I wanted to share this week. As the weather begins to cool off it's much more pleasant leaving our apartment and honestly, every time we have gone outside this week, seriously every day, God leads us somewhere we didn't expect to go and amazing things happened. 

I'm just going to share a few of my favorites: first, on Thursday we went to the hospital nearby our house where two of our elderly sisters are. They weren't up for a visit that day though so we left and started going to the park. Sister Oh said something about a man she saw back at the hospital who she thought looked like he wanted to talk to us, we kind of shrugged it off for a minute a walked a little more but I just had this huge pit in m stomach saying we had to go back (even though it would probably be awkward). So we did, and when we got back we talked to the man and he told us he wants his daughter to meet with us. We also ended up talking to another woman as well who wants to meet with us! THEN! On our way back to the park we ran into one of our sisters who doesn't really come to church anymore. She's been struggling a lot lately, so we sat down at a picnic table and talked and shared a message about finding strength through Christ's atonement. There was something in the way she was talking to us that made us feel like we helped her in some way. But we wouldn't have seen her at all had we not gone back to the hospital. 

We also ended up getting free ice cream that day which was pretty cool!!!  

Then On Saturday, we got on the bus to go visit someone. When we got on the bus, we were both toally sure we were going the right way. But it turns out, we totally weren't. But when we got off to transfer busses, we realized we were near the home of a grandma that missionaries had met some time earlier. We had tried visiting her once before but she wasn't home. We figured while we were there we could try again. When we knocked on the door her granddaughter answered, and she invited us in. We ended up talking with the two of them for about a half hour and drinking juice and sharing a message. It doesn't seem like much but it was amazing that we even ended up there and that they welcomed us into their home. 

God sometimes works in funny ways. I've been learning a lot lately that our prayers are answered, most times, in ways we don't expect, but in ways that are best for us or for the people we are praying for. 

I wish I could tell y'all all the things like this that are happening all the time! It's so much fun to be here and to be able to meet people and learn so much constantly. 

I love y'all so much and I'm praying for you always!

Love always,

Sister Weston
PS  I totally legit helped an old lady cross the street :)