Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello everyone!

So I realize I've been sending home a lot of insights these past couple of weeks, which has been really fun for me- but sometimes I run out of time to tell the little fun stories that happen at the MTC and I'd like to take the time to do that this week... here we go!

Each morning, Sister Jones and I run to the temple. Our gym time is at 6:40 (super early but honestly the best, it starts off the day so well and you don't fall asleep during morning studies). When we start our sun it's always really dark and all the stars are out. By the time we get to the temple (all uphill running by the way) its already getting light. And we sit up on the hill above the temple, look down on the temple grounds and the MTC and the rest of provo and watch the sunrise. I can't believe it took us so long to start doing this.But now we do it every morning and it's just the best.

Our Korean Branch President's name is President Perriton. He is from New Zealand and is honestly.... the coolest person alive. To start, he can read 12,000 words a minute, he graduated from standford with and MBA in one year, he was the translator for the ambassadors of New Zealand and South Korea, he can beat every single elder at a pushup contest, he often does pushups with elders on his back (the man is 65 okay), and this week he brought a sickle into our sacrament meeting. He was taking about how a missonaries job is to harvest those who have been prepared to hear the teachings of Christ. He can honestly do anything he wants, and it is so cool. I hope to write a few more letters home about "The Legends of Perriton" as we have come to call them. They are pretty amazing.

Like I mentioned last week, we have some native Koreans with us in the MTC right now. The sisters are in the room right next to us. Our district likes to celebrate things with Pizza rolls. And last night we were celebrating preparation day eve with a nice serving of pizza rolls when we had the thuogh that the koreans may have neve had them before. and they hadn't! But wowwwwww do korean's love pizza rolls! If this doesn't confirm why I got called to Korea, I'm not sure what does. Korean's are the cutest. Another example of this was on wednesday morning, I was curling my hair in the bathroom. A korean sister came up to me and starting complimenting my hair, and I asked if she wanted me to curl hers as well. she got super excited and said yes so I did. I finished curling one piece in the front and showed it to her and she just FREAKED! she was so pumped about it! She ran out of the bathroom and showed everyone and just kept that one piece curled all day, haha. I loved it. I promised her I would curl all of her hair on sunday for church. 

We teach lessons to people every friday. and I'm running out of time but I wanted to tell you that two korean's we've been teaching are now thinking about getting baptized! I will try to might more about this next week after we teach them again tomorrow

So those are just a few of the fun things that happen around here. I honestly love every single person I've met here so far. And since being here, i've felt my capacity to love increase 100 fold. Especially for all of you at home. I can't explain how much I love and appreciate each of you. I pray for all of you continually throughout the day and you can guarantee any special prayer requests will be prayed for. I love you, I love you, I love you. and I'm so happy, and feel so blessed to call you my friends and my family. 

Sister Langi, the other and senior sister training leader, is going home today to get a month of physical therapy before going to korea. It's nothing too huge but she's obviously bummed that she wont be leaving for Korea on monday, if any of you would like to pray for her I know she would appreciate it. This also means that I'm the sole sister training leader until Sunday when we can call someone else. Crazy stuff just keeps happening. And I just go with it!

I hope all of you have a wonderful week! I send all my love!

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