Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week Three

Hello all!

This week in the MTC has been amazing :) Let me tell you just a few of the cool things that happened.

To start, we shipped off a bunch of missionaries to Korea! This left our Korean branch feeling a little small. But to end their time here, the MTC President and his 1st Counselor came to our sacrament meeting! It was so cool to be able to talk with him and gain his insights. The Korean speakers are very highly favored at the MTC- it's funny, they call us the "celestial branch." 

With all the older missionaries leaving, a lot of the leadership positions were left empty and obviously needed to be filled. In the presence of the MTC presidency, I was called the be the Sister Training Leader for the entire Korean branch. I can't even tell you how humbling that was. I've learned a lot about leadership since being here, and the most important of everything is that the title of "leader" is actually just another name for servant. My job is to place myself below every sister in my zone, and do everything I can for them, with love, to build them up. I love all of these girls so much, they are incredible and inspire me everyday. 

That being said, we just got 11 new sisters come in this week! One of them lived next to me at BYU and one is from alabama! It's so cool to not be the youngest anymore hahaha. And having them here has helped me put into perspective how much I really have learned, about Korean and about myself. It's pretty amazing.

The biggest thing I've learned this week is that life is all about the mindset you chose to be in. In most cases, you can chose to make any circumstance a chance to learn or be happy or serve others. Especially when things get hard, and you want to be mad or selfish or irritated, that is the absolute best time to stop thinking about yourself and thing about what you can do to learn or serve someone else. When we chose to focus on ourselves, we deny God the opportunity to work through us to make someone's day a little brighter, or even perform miracles. Our Branch presidents wife, Sister Gilbert, told us this week "If you live as though you are in a miracle, you will be the miracle." This world really is a miracle, everything in it. And when we chose to see things in that way, you are placing yourself in the position to be a catalyst for greatness.

I love you all so much, and am praying for you constantly!
Have a wonderful week :)

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