Monday, March 23, 2015

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!!

This a quote that has been hanging near my bed since week 1 in the MTC, and it just keeps reappearing. Something is telling me it must be true.

I leave for Korea in about 3 days! We fly out early, early monday morning and land tuesday afternoon. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! But before I get too ahead of myself, I need to tell you about all the crazy amazing things that have happened this past week at the MTC.

So every friday, we have been teaching this really REALLY awesome Korean woman named Iris. She's 28 and just started to believe in God when she started meeting with the missonaries. While in the MTC, we only teach real people once a week for something called TRC (Teaching Resource Center) and this is where we met Iris. Valentines day was the last time we taught her. With tears in her eyes, she told us she was getting baptized, gave us truffles and a hug, and invited us to come! Well we had to get permission from the higher ups of the MTC to be able to leave campus but we got it! so on saturday we were able to go to Iris' baptism. And all she talked about in her testimony was how much the missionaries at the MTC meant to her,a nd how much they changed her life. Needless to say we were all crying a bit. It was seriously powerful to me to know that all the work we put in really does make a difference, even now! Before we get to Korea! 

While at the baptism, I met this little girl name Chiyu (pronounced like chee-you). She was sooo cute I just had to talk to her. So I asked her what her name was, she told me, and I told her mine. And then I realized that my korean vocabulary does not expand to elemntary school interests so I pulled out my Haiti skills and started playing a hand clapping game with her! she knew the game (it was a korean one the natives taught me) and she loved it! Her dad then came over to talk to me. He told me that he's not a member of the church but is a Korean professor in the area and knows Iris.He was so kind! And now both of them are my very best Korea friends and will continue to meet with the missionaries in Provo after we leave. We also got another referral for the Provo missionaries while we were there. It was just amazing.  

Because this was such a special experience, someone from the MTC presidency decided that they want to interview us and show the interview at next sunday's devotional! So yesterday, we all got dressed up and they put us in this studio with super professional lighting and cameras and microphones and asked us about our experience. Then, the interviewer turned to me and asked me about my conversion. This little exclusive will be shown to every missionary in the MTC next sunday. Sadly, we will be gone. But hopefully the experience we had and the things we learned can live on, and I pray that other missionaries can take something away from it as we have. 

The MTC is also trying out this new pilot program for teaching on sundays. Usually every sister missionaries goes into the gym and we have a speaker that comes and talks to us. But now, they want the missionaries to be the ones teaching eachother. Turns our our zone was one of three zones total to test it out. The goal is to help missionaries teach as the savior taught, and be as the savior was in His ministry. And since I was called as the sister training leader for the zone, I got to be the first teacher! Hahaha, it was super nuts and I was so nervous but I think everyone really enjoyed it! 

So, urraboon (everybody), that was pretty much the important stuff that happened this week! And If I learned anything that I can share with you, it's that love is always the answer. And we should never put ourselves, or God, in a box. He is infinitely capable, and makes us much more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

Be happy this week! Get excited for some crazy Korea stories! I should have my preparation day on Monday so I look forward to talking to you all again then! 

Love love love love love!
Sister Weston


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