Sunday, April 12, 2015

It Has Been A Week Indeed!!

Hey y'all!

This week has been nuts! Seriously, nuts! Full of some amazing things and also some things that are just downright crazy. Get excited for this one...

So, Sister Park, my amazing trainer, has been feeling pretty sick all week. But because she is so amazing she has still been working super hard every day. But on Saturday when she woke up she could hardly move and just felt really, really not good. We had a member take her to the hospital while I went with another member to teach an English lesson to someone we were meeting for the first time. Turns out, she didn't speak enlgish superrr well and I kindof had to teach her by myself in broken korean and simple english. It was crazy but it worked and she wants to keep meeting with us, haha. God is real. 

Sister Park stayed at the hospital from about 10:30 in the morning until 5:00 at night. I just had to wait at the church with some people until she came back. Turns out, they think she needs to have her appendix removed and that's why she has been in so much pain. So on Saturday night her mom came to pick her up from our apartment. She is now resting at home in Seoul and we are waiting to see whether or not she actually needs surgery. We won't know until tomorrow, so please pray for her if you can! She's awesome and I miss her a lot!

For now, I am in a three person companionship with the Sister missionaries we live with in our apartment. They serve in the area next to us, and until Sister Park returns the three of us will be covering both areas. One of the Sisters had been here for 1 transfer and the other Sister has been here for 2. They are leading their area, obviously, but I now also have to lead them in my area. It sounds super nuts, because I've only been here two weeks, and it is a little bit. But it's also amazing to see all the miracles that are happening. We still had two people come to church yesterday (even thought Sister Park and I both weren't there) and we had another people come to a baptismal service and she told me that she wants to be a missionary! We've only known here for a little over a week! 

Seriously, great things are happening. The people get more and more amazing every day. I still can't believe I'm in Korea sharing meals and stories with people I never would have otherwise met. I never thought I could receive so much love from or feel so much love for people. I could sit on the floor with them and eat Kimchi all day.

That's it for now! The cherry tree's are blooming and the weather is getting really beautiful here! Keep praying for Sister Park if you can :) We are praying for each one of you every day! I love you so much and I know God watches over us. Miracles happen every day if you look for them. 

Talk to you again next week!

Sister Weston

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