Sunday, April 12, 2015

Some things stay with you.

Hello Everyone!

I wish all of you could be here in Korea experiencing everything with me! It's crazy how much little things here and there will remind me of each one of you. I hope one day you all get the chance to visit this country, I know you wouldn't regret it. 

This week has been super super good! Sister Park came back on Friday :) She ended up not getting surgery which is good. She's still a little bit sick but she's a total fighter and wants to keep being a missionary all the way through! She will go home in three weeks and she thinks she can give it everything she has until then. What a gal, right?!

The coolest thing, for me, that happened this week is that sometimes I actually understand what people are saying to me now! IT'S SO EXCITING! The language really comes little by little but every time I understand a new word in a sentence it's like a Christmas present. no lie. 

Still, the things that stay with you are never the words people say. Especially for me. I may understand someone in one moment and then the next I don't and I've forgotten what I've understood. But that's not what's important. I'm learning that you can understand how people feel without understanding anything that they are saying. 

Last night, for Easter (which they don't really celebrate in Korea but they know American's do) a member invited us over to her house for a big dinner feast. We had all the missionaries in our branch, a return missionary from America and her family, the member family, another member, and a recent convert man who is just the sweetest person alive. As we were all sitting on her living room floor, eating the food she had prepared for us all day, and talking and sharing experiences with each other in two different languages there was just a feeling of love and commonness that I can't really explain. We smiled and laughed and played music and sometimes even shed a tear or two. And now, I honestly couldn't tell you exactly what we talked about. But I know I'll cherish that feeling of love and belonging forever. 

It's a feeling I've had countless times, every day, since I've been here. And I really think, no matter what other crazy things I experience, it is those moments that will stay with me.

I love you all so much. You'll be happy to know I eat sushi on the regular now.

God is watching over you, I know that because I pray for you every day and I see it in the emails you send me. You are so loved and I'm thankful for all of you!

Talk to you again next week!

Daeo mae bae yo!

Sister Weston

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