Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Climb Every Mountain

Hello Everybody!

This week was full of super fun stuff and a lot of miracles. 

On Saturday our branch hiked a place called Dogo Mountain. Its about 480 meters high, so I have no conception of how high that really is hahaha but I know its nothing like a Utah mountain. Still, it was sooooo beautiful and actually really challenging. All of us missionaries went along with some of the people we were teaching. Because Korea is so hot and humid in the summer, we found ourselves in a great bonding experience as we shared any available water and gave piggy back rides to the kids :) One of the girls we are teaching, Amanda, is especially fond of piggy back rides so that was a good exercise for me, haha. But she's so adorable-and sitting with her at the top of the mountain was so worth it.  

When we reached the top of the mountain and we were able to look over the area we were serving in, I felt so much gratitude to be where I am right now. This coming week we will reach the 6 month mark of my being on this mission and that's just insane to me. As I've reflected on the past months that have gone by, I realize that every moment is so precious. The time I've been given to serve these people is really so short and I feel I still have so much left to learn and to give them. 

God has a will and a plan for everyone. Everyone I meet teaches me this lesson again and again. Everyone needs to feel loved, and when we have the opportunity to give that to others we should never waste it. My one hope for this next year is to help other people feel the love God has for them. 

Sorry this week is a little shorter, but I think this message is simple and doesn't need much else :) 

I really can't tell y'all how much I love you, 
all the best and all my prayers,
Sister Weston
Da Climbing Crew

Climbing Buddie


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