Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shine On

Hey everybody!!
I hope all of you had a super awesome fourth of July!!! Luckily... our English class just happened the be on the fourth of July and we had a lot of people come so the American missionaries threw a little party and everything we taught was fourth of July themed :) I think it's safe to say that everyone in the Onyang Branch will always remember the phrase "God Bless America." hahaha. 
This week has been pretty incredible. Starting with the fact that it's supposed to be monsoon season, and everywhere is sold out of rainboots, and it hasn't rained at all! So my feet are doing super well :)
On a more serious note, there's actually an amazing family that moved into our branch and is planning on getting baptized next Sunday! Their last name is Shin and they lived in both Chicago and Utah for a long time!! They have two young kids and are seriously just golden people. One of the Elders serving in our branch once said he got a suntan standing next to them because they were so golden- I believe it... While they were in Utah they fell in love with the family atmosphere and how kind the people were. When they came back to Korea they knew they wanted to learn more about the gospel and come to church even though they didn't have a perfect knowledge about everything.
I remembered having that same feeling when I first started to meet and spend more time with all the people that are now my best friends. Because this Sunday was fast and testimony meeting, I was able to bear my short testimony about this experience and I just felt so much love for this family. I know God guides every person throughout their life to places they need to be in the exact moments they need to be there. And when we recognize those moments I think we feel His love especially strong. That was one of those moments for me- everything just came together so perfectly. 
We also had dinner at our Ivory Coast friends house again! Latif&Rokia and their daughter Nadia. When Nadia came to the music night at our church on Saturday everyone couldn't stop taking about how beautiful she is because she has such big eyes :) They call her princess, and she really is, it's sooooooo cute!
We are going to the spa in Onyang today! If you search Onyang Hot springs on google I think it will come up, but it's basically what Onyang is famous for and I'm super excited! I'll let y'all know how it is next week!
Love you all soooooo much!
Sister Weston

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