Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hola familia!!!!!

Ah man y'all, this has been just the best week. Monday through Wednesday I got to visit all of my favorite Onyang members (meaning all of the members hehe) and then on thusday went to Daejeon, and then got on a bus for Gwangju!

My new companions name is Sister Oh, She's origionally from Jeju Do which is an island in the southern most land part of Korea. She's literally an angel and an amazing missionary. Basically, she's the dream companion. President told us that he has a great feeling about us being together and the work we can do. He also kind of gave us a special mission assignment to help our district and ward become more united. I guess he had prayed a lot about where he should specifiaclly send me and this is the place. I know there are so many reasons why I'm here and I'm soooooo excited to see what happens this transfer and to learn so many new things. 

The area I'm in right now is specfically called Choongjang (I might change the spelling every time because I don't know how it's spelled in english, sorry!). We aren't actively teaching anyone right now which is a challenge but as we continue to talk to people and get in contact with potential people to teach we know we will have miracles happen soon. We are also going to start up an english program here. The last Sisters who served here were both Korean so they didn't have a program going. Now that there are some foreigners in the house we can get it moving!!! 

Gwangju is so beatiful, guys. The people are so kind and there is so much to do. I get hugged on the street by atleast one stranger everyday as we share our testimonies with them. It's pretty nuts. I wish I could write it all. But for now I'll just tell you I'm super excited and I trust that God can work through us to make great things happen here!
I love you all more than you know! Have a great week :))))) Always praying for you.

Sister Weston

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