Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's A Big Small World

Hey everybody!

Man, everywhere we go, everyday, the Lord proves to us that He holds the world in his hands and guides each one of us. This week has been a lot about family-- and it's seriously been the best. 

On Saturday we finally got to visit a less active family who we've been in contacts with and leaving little gift for since I first got here!!!!! We were walking on the street a few nights back and a car honked at us, and pulled over, and of course we recognized who they were right away and they invited us over for dinner! :) 

The mom and three daughters were baptized in Virginia a few years ago and loveeeee the church but haven't been coming because their lives in Korea have become so busy, and their dad was never baptized. The three girls are absolutely amazing and they came with us to bake cookies with our investigators at the church after dinner!! It was sooo much fun! Best part was, their dad drove us so we got to meet him! and they took home all the leftover dough after... haha Koreans don't get to eat cookie dough much. 

Gangnam Lee also let us meet her husband, and he wants us to call him dad! He considers us his foreigner daughters, haha also so cute! Also, she let us help her make Kimchi with her this week! It's Kimchi making season! If you think of it, please continue to pray for her :) She told us this week that she knows she could not have come so far in overcoming hardships had she not started to believe in God just that short time ago. She really has completely changed her life, just doesn't feel ready for baptism quite yet. We are hoping to meet the rest of her family and gain their support :) Man, we love her so much!!

Then, last night we got to go over to our relief society presidents house and have family home evening. We watched the Mormon message about Standing Alone, and standing strong even when it seems no one else is standing beside us. And we all got to share an experience about it, and then play apple to apples!! It really felt a lot like game night at the Goltz house :) 

AND THEN!!! Our Elders met a girl from West Bloomfield on the street and we were able to get lunch with her! Her name is Lauren and She's Jewish but is super interested in reading all religious texts :) AND THENNNNNN! Last night coming home, I saw a foreigner get on the bus and as she was walking by said "hey, if you don't mind me asking where are y'all from?" and she said "did you just say y'all?" and sat right down next to me haha. Turns out she's from mobile, teaching English here, loves it, and wants to meet again! 

This is something we tell people over and over, but it never ceases to be true: we are all children of God and He loves each one of us. I feel so strongly that so many people I was meant to meet are here in Korea and the spirit confirms it to me each day. The gospel was made for families. We see it everyday bring people together in a way that is just not possible otherwise.

I love you all so much! thinking of and praying for you always!

I'll try to let you know ASAP what's up with transfers :) Until then, stay classy and have a good thanksgiving whenever that is! 

Sister Weston

picture explaination 
1: bet you didn't know sometimes making kimchi starts in the bathroom of a grandmas house washing radishes. it does! 

2: excercise machines in korea! they are everywhere- oh man! crazy story real fast. At this park there's a grandpa that we know that we see alllll the time. He listens to a gospel message sometimes but isn't super interested. Anyways, one of his friends wanted to buy us a hot coco kind of drink but the machine wasn't working. so our grandpa friend comes over, is working on the thinking and hitting it for like five minutes, then puts in a new dollar kicks the machine and it starts working! he's so happy he HEADBUTTED ME! hahahaha it was the craziest thing ever! Sister Uhls face was priceless after and I just couldn't... I didn't know what to do. Don't worry, it didn't hurt hahaha it was just way funny. He's officially my best buddy now. 

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