Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hey everybody!

I hope y'all have ahd a wonderful week! I know sister Uhl and I sure have. To be honest, this week went by so fast I'm not even sure what to write about!!! There's really just one story I want to hsare from yesterday.

Our favorite 80 year old friend Gangnam Lee decided she wanted to ride the bus with us to church yesterday :) She was afraid to ride on her own for the first time however, so we went with her. This required us leaving church during sunday school. So we hop on the bus, get to the bus stop near her house, and she's not there! ahhhh! and she's not answering her phone AHHHHH!!! I kept trying to call her, and Sister Uhl started talking to a man wearing a bright purple waiting at the bus stop in the process. 

Well the man ended up accepting the Book of Mormon, and when he came over to introduce himself to me, I asked if he wanted to come to church with us and he said YES! okay! And just then, Gangnam Lee comes walking down the path wearing a brand new skirt! It just could not have been more of a perfect accent- which grew both Sister Uhl and my testimony that there really is no such thing as accidents- just the Lords time and will. 

So we ended up rising taxi to get to church on time, enjoying all the colors of the trees along the way, and all during sacrament we enjoyed looking at a bright purple shirt listening intently as the elders and members spoke. It was just the most beautiful thing. 

Choong chang area is seriously amazing. We had the best halloween party ever this past week and our members and just the best people you'd ever want to spend time with- WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH! The Lord is acting on and preparing so many miracles, as we've seen here. All He asks for is our hope.

I love y'all so much! Sending pictures now from last week and this week!

Sister Weston

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