Sunday, October 25, 2015


Hey Everybody!

This week went by so fast, I can hardly believe it. I think Korea is starting to feel like real life. For a while it didn't quite seem like reality but now it feels normal and time is flying by. We are on the downhill! EEEEP! 

Wow y'all... there was so much a learned this week. And one this I especially wanted to share with you, and that is, love is the foundation of everything.

As we meet people, we are conversing with all walks of life. But we all have the same basic needs and goals: to be loved, to be happy, and to be uplifted by the savior. At the end of the day, as we have heard from our good friend George Watson, and again yesterday by our Stake President here in Korea, the ultimate end of all our work is seeing the people we meet go to the temple. 

I've learned more than anything, the it's the unselfish love of the savior that invites to good spirit only the Lord can give, that helps people respond to our message in a way that they desire to act upon it.

Yuna will be recieving the gift of the holy ghost this week, one of our cute little members did yesterday, and our lovely grandma Lee Gangnam is on her way there so Sister Uhl and I have been studying the gift and roles of the Holy Ghost a lot lately. While studying and chatting one day a footnote told us to look up Earnest in the Bible Dictionary, super strange but we went for it. And it was the most interseting thing.. it basically tells us that the Holy Ghost is a gift from God that gives us a foretaste of what the Celestial Kingdom, Heaven, will be like. 

We've all been in those moments that just feel like Heaven on earth, like everything is good and we don't want it to end. Especially when those experiences are tied to something spiritual they can be really powerful- and that's what God wants us to feel and recognize and desire to have always. The gift of the Holy Ghost is His investment in us. And when we help people feel that way for just a moment, especially through loving them, they desire to come unto Christ. And that's just the most amazing thing.

Today was super missionary and a little sappy but I wanted to share my mind with you all, because I just love being a part of this experience more than anything ever. It's incredible- and I hope in some way you all get to feel this way when sharing your heart with others, and seeing them how God see's them. 

I love you so so so so so much I can't even explain! I hope and will be praying that you have the best week! 

Sister Weston


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