Monday, October 5, 2015

Miracles for the Win

Hey Everybody!

This week was absolutely mind blowing. Some things came full circle and some new things have begun! All is exciting and all well.... let's get started...

While I was serving in Onyang, there was a family who hadn't come to church for about 10 years that we were constantly trying to visit. The Elders had been trying to work with them for about a year but the dad was never home so they couldn't stay to teach. They really encouraged us Sisters to get over there but the mom wasn't a huge fan of Sister Missionaries for whatever reason so it was difficult to see them for most of my time serving there. However, there was one day we were in a chocolate store, and we felt that maybe if we went to visit with the elders, and brought chocolate, it could open their hearts a little bit more to hearing the gospel again, and to allow their two young sons to hear it for the first time. So two weeks before I left Onyang we stopped by their house and shared some really nice chocolate and a short message with them, and were able to set up a time to do Family Home Evening every week. Even though they still seemed a little hesitant, it was a huge milestone!

The following week, my last week in Onyang, we went over to their house, their door was open and we ended up staying the evening with them playing cards and teaching about how our Heavenly Father loves us and how we can pray to him. You could see the joy on the moms face, Sister Yun, as she spent time with her family for what seemed like the first time in a long time. Her two young boys had never prayed before, but as we taught them, their mom helped us and asked her sons questions and prayed with them at the end. It was like a dream come true, and everything you ever hope for as a missionary to see a family come together like that. And it was this past weekend those two sons were able to be baptized. 

I can't help but be thankful for the opportunity the Lord gave me to meet them even just a couple of times and see a huge change take place in just one night. I love that mom and seriously miss her so much. I'm also very thankful to my own mom for her example to me and because I had to use my personal card to buy the chocolate that opened her heart (thanks mom:)) 

The new things now just beginning, came about at mission conference this last week. Elder Choi, a Seventy, came to visit Daejeon for a mission tour! And he set some really inspired goals for us this next year... the biggest being.... drum-roll please.... baptize once a week!! It's a big step up from our previous goals as a mission, but if there's anything I've learned while being out here it's that God does not fit in a box and we should not put any limitations of dimensions on Him based on what we as people think He is capable of. We are super excited for the new doors this opens to see so many more miracles!!!! and holy cow, moving forward it's just gonna be nuts!

Thank you always for your prayers, we can feel them! It's so amazing so watch the Lord work out here and to feel his love for the Korean people. I'm so excited to go back to Onyang and get reunited with our Yun family!!!!!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Ah gosh, what a miracle. Sorry y'all. It's just been a really good week! I love all of you so much and am thinking and praying for you always! 

Sister Weston

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