Sunday, October 25, 2015

Christmas Miracles or General Conference Miracles....Same Thing


Wow, I'm so excited to be e-mailing y'all this week. I have to tell you, every single day we see miracles out here. Every single day. But this week was especially miracle filled because it was general conference for us in Korea, and that basically means Christmas for missionaries.

There's one story that I specifically wanted to share that absolutely melted my heart.

A few weeks ago Sister Oh and I were going to meet our favorite Grandma Bong Imsoon at here home when we met another grandmother on the street. Her name is Lee Gangnam. She invited us into her home right away, and sister Uhl and I ahve been visiting her about twice a week since then.

She has always had the most sweet, humble spirit. She's 79 years old and had open heart surgery in May but still wakes up at 6 every morning to walk for an hour and pick up nuts along the road. She wants to follow all the Lord commandments and this past week when we taught her about the word of wisdom and how the Lord promises us health as we keep it, she resolved right then to not drink coffee (which she lovesssss) and when we follwed up the next day, she told us about how she prayed to the Lord every meal to take away her desire to drink it. She even explained to her husband (who doesn;t like churches) why she wasn't drinking it and totally stood up for herself. She's a little spirfire and I love her!! 

Anyways this weekend, because General Conference is on Saturday as well, she was able to come to the morning session without her husband knowing. She got all ready, put on the pants she made for herself, and we rode a taxi together to the church. she sat in the chapel and watched the whole two hour session, and when she came out (we watch it in a different room in english so we had to meet up after) she had the biggest smile on her face and just reached out to grab my hand and tell us how happy she was! She said it was so peaceful and amazing, she loved it! 

When we walked outside, there is a tree in front of the church that has a strange fruit on it that know one knows what it is. It looks straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. She turned to me and asked me what it was, I told here I wasn't sure. And she proceeded to go and pick up all the fallen fruit and make it into a little bouquet. 

She held her bouquet and looked at me and said, "when I see beautiful things, my heart just feels like a child again." You could see how filled she was with Christ's love for her after the conference. She was looking at everything like it was the most beautiful thing she had every seen. She was so joyful. The is a transformation that only happens through the pure love of Christ. And I consider it a miracle that I was able to wacth it happen.

I would love to ask y'all to continue to pray for her. That all may go well with her husband and that she will continue to feel the same love and joy that she did on Saturday. She has because so precious to my heart and I just love her!

Thanks for listening to the whole story! It's my sincere testimony that the Lord guides each of us in our lives. He loves us. Exactly where we are, He loves us. More that anything this past week I've learned that that Lord's work requires faith that allows you to jump off a cliff of unknowns, and we sometimes scream the whole way down, but if we jump it's always fun and we always land in the water. 

Hope all this made sense! I love y'all and am so thankful for each and every one of you in my life. You've all played a role in making me who I am :) Have a wonderful week! Can;t wait to talk to y'all again!

All my love and prayers,

Sister Weston

P.S. Keep your eye out for miracles

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