Monday, October 5, 2015

Korean Thanksgiving

Hello Everybody!

I hope you have a really wonderful week and are drinking lots of apple cider! Koreans are really curious about what it tastes like and I always just tell them it's the best!!!! go ahead and drink a lot for me!

I've about hit my half way mark this transfer, which has caused me to reflect a lot on the miracles I've seen thus far while serving the Lord. The greatest thing that always comes to my mind is the people that I've been able to meet and grow with as I've gone throughout this experience. Each companion, is person we've taught, they in turn have so much to teach me and it's been such a blessing to begin to understand and see others as the Lord sees them. 

The person I specifically want to talk to you about today is Yuna! She was baptized yesterday (Sunday) after church, and so much of the ward came it was just an amazing time!!! Yuna has been through many hardships in her life, but she has always been steadfast in doing what God would have her to do. She loves the commandments! You don't hear that everyday, but that's always been her stronghold! Her heart is so pure and Sister Uhl and I know that our Heavenly Father was smiling down on her as she entered the waters of baptism yesterday :)

It was so funny when we asked her how she felt, she said she wished she could be baptized everyday! All of our members just poured their love on her, and through her smiles and tears I was able to remember once more why I am here. And that love is the most important thing in all of the work that we do. I know our Savior loves us and each person, and He is so proud of every single one of us for exactly who we are. 

I love all of you so much!! I'm going to try to send actually a lot of pictures this week so I'll leave you here :) Sister Uhl and I are staying together in ChoongJang for another transfer! So excited to see the miracles the Lord has in store!! 

All the Best, 
Sister Weston

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