Monday, October 5, 2015

Birthdays and Things

Hey Everybody!

Wow, this week was wonderful y'all- thank you for making my birthday one of the best and craziest ever!!! 

It started off in the morning with sister Uhl making me pancakes which we topped with the frosting my mom sent me (shoutout to my mom, so delicious!). Then we went with one of our members to a senior health center that they go to everday to hang out with their elderly friends and they helped us get some new contacts! It was so fun to meet a bunch of happy old people (mostly grandpa's) just loving life and picking up some new hobbies at Koreas world famous senior health center! haha There were even people there from China coming to check it out-crazy!  Then we visited our other favorite senior friend, Bong Imsoon, and sang hymns and help her accept taking the sacrament at her home 💓 She hasn't been able to take the sacrament for so long because she can't get to church but some of the young men from the ward have been organized to take it to her every sunday! so good! Then we had a lesson with Yuna :) She is having a little bit of a hard time is building a relationship with the Savior, but because she is no longer moving to Seoul we will be able to meet with her more and she is planning on getting baptized on October 4th! Again, all prayers are appreciated! :D And to finish of the night, we met an amazing new girl named JK. As she told us a little bit about her life and past experiences with missionaries the hand of the Lord was so evident, and it was very clear that meeting her was God's way of giving me a birthday miracle. She's just awesome, will write more next week!

But wait... that's actually not all. WE stopped on the way home to get Korea's yummiest chicken cups and upon returning home, there was a BIG birthday box on the table from good old Michigan :) It arrived exactly on my birthday at that's just nuts because you never know when things are going to get here. Everyone in the house loved getting some new American food! Especially cheese-itz!! So thank y'all so much :) It was the best birthday ever and even though I was far from many of you, I felt your love and the Lords and just feel blessed beyond belief. 

It's cooling down this week which makes all of us very excited for fall! Korea feels so much like the midwest it's kindof scary but I love it at the same time. I've learned a lot this week about trusting in the Lord. Sometimes we try to take things on all by ourselves and we wonder why it's so hard, when we are forgetting that we have a bottomless well of support and love in Christ. I know that when we take the time to pray, really pray and listen, to align our will with his, we can recognize all the good He does for us and see that He's with us every step of the way. Sister Uhl and I had a really awesome experience just sitting down and reading from the Bible on Friday night. It was a good reminder to slow down and let God and Christ do what they do best, and just trust them. If y'all get the chance, Romans 8:28 and the final three verses in Romans 8 are a good read :)

Love y'all so much and I'm so excited to hear about all of your fall adventures! Have fun in school and know I'm praying for you!

Sister Weston

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