Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Lord Always Wins

Hey Everybody!

Wow,  this week has been absolutely nuts! Sister Uhl and I continue to see miracles each day, and I was able to go up to Deajeon on Friday for Mission Leadership Conference to be trained by President and Sister Shin. Our mission is on the verge of accomplishing a decade old goal of baptizing two hundred people in a year- there is so much excitement right now! It's an incredible time to be here.

Sister Whiting and I got to go on a split together to go up to Deajeon for the meeting and it was incredible to talk about and see the Lords hand in each of our missions (we were in the MTC together, and had the same trainer and greenie area). It's hard to express everything I felt and learned through the conference, but at the end of it all the overwhelming conclusion I had come to was that Heavenly Father is our best friend. When we talk to Him through prayer we truly can feel it, and talk to Him like H'es right there. It's only been a week since receiving this calling, but I've felt a greater capacity to love and desire to serve than ever before in my life. When we look to the Lord, and look at others through His eyes, we can have a perfect hope for His plan in all things.  

We are almost done teaching our favorite grandma 이강남 Gangnam Lee all the lessons and we are praying and fasting to set a baptismal date for her on December 20th! Please join us in prayer for her, we know the Christmas season is the best time for miracles!!!

We are also teaching two girls, SangMi and AeHyun who are just incredible but sometimes hard to consistently meet with. When we are able to teach them the spirit is so strong and their hearts are so ready for the gospel, the spirit feels so much like when I first started meeting the missionaries. Please remember them in your prayers, and I will continue to keep you updated!! :) 

One of the pictures from this week comes from a woman I met at a bus stop who got in contact with us, she took us out to the most amazing dinner and although she wasn't personally interested in the gospel her son ended up being a less active and he came to dinner with us too! We meet less actives on the street here almost every week y'all. It's incredible and a miracle that the Lord leads us to them, but it is hard to see so many people who once loved the Lord wandering through life. Please pray for them as well! So many people to pray for! Don't forget yourselves! The Lord loves you too! 

We have Stake Conference next weekend and will be singing as a big choir of missionaries! The spirit when we all get together and sing is just amazing! We were all standing during practice on Sunday and I just got an overwhelming feeling of how incredible it is that we are all standing together as the Lords missionaries in such a far away country singing a language so inherently foreign to us but having the love of the Lord in our hearts enabling us to communicate with the Korean people. It's just something that would never be possible without the Lords unending influence. 

Also, our bestest little friend who we've been teaching since sister Uhl got here, Dauen, is getting baptized on Friday! We call her every night for five minutes to practice English and teach her about once a week, and her birthday is on Friday so she's getting baptized that night before Stake conference :) Will send pictures next week!

I love you all so much! It's not very thanksgiving here in Korea butttt I have lots of yummy thanksgiving things to eat so don;t worry I'll be celebrating! I'll be praying for y'alls safety as you travel. I want you to know how thankful I am for each and every single one of you. For my family and friends and the support you give. I'm thankful for Christ and how much He has blessed me and every single person I love. Have the best week ever! I love you!

Sister Weston

P.S. first picture Daeun
P.S. Second picture woman from the bus stop! Ji BongLae
Conference Pictures

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