Sunday, February 7, 2016

Korea is Colder than Russia....Did You Know??

Hey Everybody!
Y'ALL! This week was nuts!
Haha it was soooo cold! and snowed so much! Sister Byun and I were walking down the street yesterday after church, there was like a foot and a half of snow everywhere and it was the coldest day Korea has reported in 31 years or something like that, and we were just laughing about how it's pretty cool to be a missionary this winter. Because, yeah, it's cold- but we will always remember it, and how we faught like real missionaries to keep doing the work, and we will have a little bit of extra bragging rights when we share our stories with other missionaries in the future :)))
It really has been an amazing week though. The cold and snow bring people together and church felt like a family yesterday. A woman I accidently called a few weeks ago in Seoul came to visit our church which was way cool! And our investigators continue to tell us that although it's cold outside their hearts are warm :)
One thing I've learned this week more than anything else is that when we are humble, when we listen to others and the Lord, we can see their needs and the Lord's will and do what the Lord would have us to do.
Something really cool that happened, that I'll never be able to forget was with our new investigator named Goe ShinYoung. She's 30 years old and absolutly loves Christ. We got in the lesson and you could tell she was having kindof a hard day. Usually if thats what's up we will say the opening prayer for them, but we asked her to say the prayer. And after a few words she stopped talking, it was silent, and we were just there for thirty seconds or so. When she ended the prayer she just look at us and said, "I have never felt that way before. What is that?" We told her what the spirit is. What is does for us. And how it is Heavenly Father telling us what is good, what is true, and that He loves her. She was amazed. And that made me feel amazed to. We are so lucky to be able to feel this whenever and wherever when we have the gift of the Holy Ghost. I love it so much. We are so excited for her to continue to prepare for her baptism in February:)
Tomorrow we will we watching the worldwide missionary broadcast and we are so pumped! February 7th is Seol Nar - or the day of the sun? the solar new year? whatever you want it call it- so we are preparing and again are so pumped!
Hope y'all had a good warm week and have an even greater week coming up! I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and sends us to Holy Ghost to comfort us, tell us what is right, and guide us whenever we need it. Read Romans 8 when you get the chance :)
love you so so so much!
Sister Weston
It's Cold


And Snowy

So I have issues!

Dinner with Friends

Philippine Friends 

Friends from Seoul
Planning in the Bathroom :)

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