Sunday, February 7, 2016

"And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." -2 Nephi 5:27

When I was praying this morning about what to write y'all, God told me I need to write you about happiness. But I was so confused and asked him to give me some sort of scripture I could share and an experience. During companionship study the first thing Sister Byun shared with me was this scripture- and I knew it was exactly the thing I needed to send y'all this week.
It's winter here and sometimes we get cold, but what I've learned more than anything the past few weeks is that if we just do everything happily, even if we are cold or whatever, everything is so much better. Anything can happen, and anything can be good if we decide to put ourselves in a position to be happy.
So this is the experience I wanted to share with y'all....
I'm pretty sure I'm half a korean missionary and half a phillipina missionary because almost half of the people we are teaching now are from the philippines and they have all been f\refered to us by the same family!
Saturday night we had a huge birthday part for the mom, Shelby, and yesterday after church we had a HUGE family home evening with everyone. Many of the are not well off, but we asked them about their life and how they feel God has guided them, blessesd them, and then how they felt at church. and they responded with the phrase "Ikaw na"- which in tagolog means "we have it all"
I was so impressed by them, and their faith, and their decision to laugh and be happy about how they are "queen of the vegetables" working at a small market here in GwangJu.
God's first purpose for our lives is to find joy. And to find it with those we love. Especially within our families. I pray that y'all see the joy in each day- even if it means we have to actively search for it. I promise you it's there.
I love you all sooo much! Stay warm this week! Next monday is the solar new year- and this week is the week of birthdays! celebrate tons and tons! I sure will!
All my love,
Sister Weston
My Friends Who Feed Me Chicken

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