Saturday, June 11, 2016

Don't just have a mission, Have a blast....

Hello everyone!
It sounds like everyone is having a really great week and a great mothers day! It was so so good to be able to talk with you and now see pictures of all the summer happenings that are going on! Y'all are awesome!
This week was really eventful, it starts with the road to district meeting, then Childrens day, goes through our last MLC, and into Mothers day :)
So we will start with Tuesday, the road to district meeting. In order for us to get there we have to take a bus and a subway which takes about an hour. We were on our way, and while riding the bus I could feel and see that everyone was having trouble opening their mouths and talking to people. And when you've got 4 people called of God on the same bus that's just not right, so I suggested to Sister SunYoung that I go talk to a woman to my right and she talk to the woman on her left and we get things started. She said "no" --- and I responded by saying "Don't fear man more than God, 극복하세요" that last part in Korean means, overcome, but it also kind of has the tone of "get over it" hahaha needless to say that didn't really help in the moment, so I encouraged Sister Uhl to start the conversation and she did and her and Sister SunYoung were able to teach that woman the entire restoration! It was amazing :) I'll finish the second part of this story next week, it ends pretty cool!
Fast forward to later that day when Sister SunYoung and I were prayng about where to go, and we felt we needed to go to a less actives store to invite her to the Chidlren day activity. We went, she was there, we got to talking and she said she would come! So the next day we all met up in DaeJeon and she brought one of her friends who's in high school. They are both superrrr good at sports and caught the attention of everyone in the stake during the kickball tournament.  a member of the stake presidency asked for the high schoolers member record to see if he could get her on his team next time, funny thing is she's not a member! haha :) They both have sports tournaments the next two weeks but they said they would come to church after that and we are so excited!
Now it's friday, and we all met up for what was the last MLC for many of us (me and 14 other missonaries). Every time I step in that room, I get the same feeling of never wanting to leave. The same feeling of never wanting to stop being a missionary. There were two things that I especially took away from this last meeting, and I hope to apply them to the rest of my life.
The first is, how extrememly precious and irreplacable a testimony is. The Senior couple, Elder and Sister Bringhurst who have been working in the office the past year and a half, head home this week. So we took time on friday to hear their testimonies. It was at this time that I realized that our individual testimony, our toughts and feelings, are an irreplacable part of who we are, who we become, and there is perhaps nothing that could be more rpecious to us personally.
I will always remember Elder Bringhursts words walking about how when we feel insufficient it is the Lord preparing us to recognize that "this battle when it's won, it will not be your victory it will be mine" That has been witnessed to me countless times these past 17 months.
And Sister Bringhurst, sharing her testimony of the Savior saying "There was a day when
(fill in the blank with your own time of desperation that you turned to rely on the Lord) and from that day until today that burden has not been mine"  I know that this is true for each of us when we turn our minds again to that day, and to where we see ourselves now.
While recognizing this, I began to think of the purpose I hold as a missionary and what that is in the eyes of God. This is the second things I learned. The Lords pupose is stated in Moses 1:39: to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. My purpose as a missonary is to help people to come unto Christ, to eternal life. My purpose and Gods are inseparable. And do I take this lightly? Do we as a misson, missonaries, people, families, friends realize who we are and what we are doing in the eyes of God? Do we realize how great this work is?
Each of us have said at one point, "THIS is why I came on my mission" talking with my family yesterday, God was merciful to help me remember my THIS. My person THIS is my family. I love you. I have no greater hope than for each of you to be happy, to be hopeful, to see the good and feel your burden be light. I know there is no greater thing than this. I pray for each of you each and every day. And although I haven't seen you everyday these past 17 months, I know that everday God has heard my prayers.
While praying about this yesterday, and asking the Lord what I could do more to bless each of you at home, I was blessed by words of a dear friend Sister MacKay through Helaman 10:4-5. I know the Lord is blessing you and watching over you, because this is my greatest hope. I love each of you dearly. Don't forget to pray. And please continue to pray for us over here, we need it now more than ever!
Sister Weston
p.s. this is not a good picture but the good pictures are one Sister Byuns camera and I'll send them next week :)

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