Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello Hello

Hey Everybody!

Holy cow, so much happens every week I never know what to write when Monday comes. This week, I just happened to meet a lot of really cool people and I want to tell you about just a couple of them.

So whenever we are on our way going anywhere, we stop and talk to people: the woman selling veggies, the college student at the bus stop, the grandma who wants to pet my hair... you get the picture. It's a really fun time. 

Well this week we were at the subway station waiting to meet one of the girls we teach to go to church together. I saw this obviously foreign man talking on the phone and I figured when he was done I'd go talk to him. I asked him where he was from and he said "The Ivory Coast." It just so happens that we had talked to  woman maybe two weeks ago who was from there as well so I asked if he was here with his wife and he said yes and it was the same woman we talked to! They have a daughter named Nadia who is just adorable so we talked about that for a while and then we started speaking french because that's the native language in cote d'ivoir- but y'all..... I can't speak 
French anymore!! It's super hard! This week I'm going to extra language study so that the next time I meet Latif (this man) I can really speak with him. He has been looking for someone to practice english with for a long time and I'm sure our metting his family is not a coincidence. They whole family should be coming out to church next week! It's a big miracle!

There are things like that that happen everyday and I wish I could tell you all fo them. But for the sake of time I'll move onto another amazing story,

Every week on friday afternoon we meet with a woman name Eunsoo. Mom, she's exactly like you. Super artsy and trendy, loves antiques and flowers and is just so so cool. Well this week when we met we were talking about prayer. A lot of times when people feel hopeless they don't know where to turn. Very few people in our lives, if any, can perfectly understand us. But through prayer, we know that our Heavenly Father will hear and understand all the things we say and even the things we don't. This woman, Eunsoo, is extremely wealthy and lives in an apartment that only executive members of Samsung and their families are permitted to live. Yet every week she invites us, super humble missionaries, to her home to talk and share a message. When we watched the Mormon Message about God's light and prayer on the floor of her home this week, the spirit in the room was so amazing I wish I didn't ever have to leave.

I'm so thankful for every person I've met here and I hope I can someday give back to them as much as they have given me. I know God loves every person no matter who they are, and when we feel that love for others too amazing things happen. 

I love y'all and I'm always praying for you! I'm safe from MERS please don't worry, but please do pray for all the missionaries everywhere! They are super cool! And if you ever see any on the street be sure to say hello! That's makes us happy :))) Again I love you and I'm praying for you!

All the best,
Sister Weston
Elayna's District

                                          Skybell the awesome apartment security guard

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