Monday, June 15, 2015

It Takes Guts

Hey Y'all!!

Hope you've all been having a good week wherever you may be :)

It's super hot in Korea right now! And it's really only getting hotter. I love it. The top of my feet are super tan and it makes me laugh every time I get home and take off my shoes.

I know I've talked to you a little bit about the family that owns a restaurant in the market area where I serve. Well we stopped by again last night to say hello and they invited us in to eat but this time the grandma invited me to eat some intestines. And if there's anything I've learned about Korean grandma's since being here, it's that you don't say no to them. So I said yes, haha. And y'all! It wasn't so bad! My companion is super super funny and she loves all that kind of stuff so we had a good time :) I'm really going to miss her when we have to go our separate ways, haha we are alwyas eating crazy things together. Sister Kim

Eating cow guts literally does take guts. Even more than that, last night while we met with our friend Christine I realized that having guts can make all the difference in the direction our lives go. 

I never though of myself as being a very courageous person. And being a missionary makes me realize that I rely on the Lord's strength wayyy more than I rely on my own. In order to help me help the people we are meeting with, our mission president, President Shin, suggested I made something called "The Weston Lesson Plan" hahaha. A short story about the turning point in my conversion that I could translate into Korean and share with people. 

I worked on it this week, and then last night when we met with Christine we asked her to help us translate it (because she's super amazing and english). As she read it she started to cry. And by the end, all of us were in tears. Christine is a very strong person- atleast I've always viewed her that way. She reminds me a lot of my best friend, who always always sacrifices herself for the happiness of others, even if it means it breaks her heart a little bit, or a lot. When it comes to her learning about the gospel, she is doing the same thing- sacrificing herself and what she wants because of how other people may start to think about her. And that broke my heart because I've seen that in other people I love and I've been there, too. I don't think I have as pure of a heart as the two girls I'm talking about right now. They seriously amaze me. But I know that it's the Lord that makes us strong- not ourselves or even the people around us (although the Lord can definitely use them to strengthen us). The only reason I've ever had the guts to do anything is because Christ was with me. When we stop putting the pressure on ourselves to do things and leave it up to the Lord, He will help us and guide us to amazing paths. 

Sorry for getting super sappy today! But I thought this was a special story to share and it's something that meant a lot to me :)) I hope you know I love all of you so much and I am always praying for y'all. 

Talk to you again next week :) Take courage! Eat guts... or I mean have guts! The Lord is with you :)

All my love,
Sister Weston
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