Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hi Y'all

Alright Y'all,

This week has been nuts!! Mostly because guess what, I met three people from Alabam this week! Let me tell you each story and why they are all so amazing.

First, one of our investigators wanted us to go on a walk with her in this area that serves as a memorial site for Korea's greatest general. I'm a horrible person and can;t remember his name right now but it was really a beautiful area and we even got to shoot korean archery! Anways, there was a U.S. Army group that was touring the area because of the general's amazing history. While we were walking I started to talk to them and the one person I happened to talk to was from Virginia and going to Alabama in the Fall!!! I thought that was crazy. We didn't have the chance to tlak to him long because we were with an investigator but it was really fun.

Then, on thursday. We were feeling kindof down because we haven't been able to find as many new people to teach as we've hoped. After finishing a lesson, we felt like we should put up some fliers for our english class and then we were waiting at the bus. A girl, about our age, came and sat down next to us. As missionaries, we talk to everyone we see if we are able to speak with them. But with this girl I actually really felt like I needed to talk to her. So I asked her which bus she was waiting for, in korean, and then in english she replied with "uhm.. actually---" You know if someone starts a sentence like that they speak english for real. I got super excited and asked where she learned english, she said she studied in America, I asked where, she said "The University of Alabama." WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? We both freaked. We are meeting her for lunch on wendesday and I'm so excited. She's super amazing.

Then just today, our sister Ward was having a picnic because today is Buddha's birthday and everyone has work and school off. So Sister Kim and I went to have some fun on p-day and help the members with some stuff. When we got to the church, there was another girl with white skin and blue eyes there. I figured she was a former missionary who had come back to visit. I was on my way to talk to her when someone said she was from Alabama, so I scurried on over to her and it turns out she's from Tuscaloosa and she knows all the people I know there! Her name is Skylar, and she wasn't a missionary but is teaching English currently in Cheonan, where I'm living. We had a really fun time at the picnic and it was just a crazy experience.

Yes, it's amazing that all of these people are from Alabama- a college I had no plans on attending until the Lord paved the way there for me. But what's even more amazing, is that each one of these people was truly an answer to my prayers. And  they were each almost immediate answers.

Y'all, if I can tell you one thing I know for sure- it's that God is there. Even when we don't see it, even when we don't want it, even when it seems impossible: He's there. When we pray He hears us, and He will give us anything we need.

I love being in Korea. I love everything I'm learning here and all the people I meet. Y'all are incredible and I'm so lucky to have amazing friends and family to support me. I couldn't do anything without y'all and I love you so much.

Keep doing amazing things and telling me about them!

All my love,
Sister Weston

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