Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Miracle Christmas and Happy New Year 12/27/15

Hello everybody!
Wow, Christmas is without a doubt the best time to be a missionary- I wish I could have been a missionary every Christmas of my life.
Every single day there were unexpected blessings, from getting intervied downtown on Christmas eve and being able to bear our testimonies, to running into and caroling with an investigator that we hadn't seen in weeks, to dancing at our ward christmas party, to meeting absolute angels, to seeing sooooo many smiling faces as they fielt their saviors love surrounding them.
The experiences I wanted to share the most are the baptisms of the Yuns, Brother Soe, and our beloved grandma Gangam Lee.
The Yuns are brother and sister that we had the opprotunity to meet and invite to be baptized last week. Their parents are not members, but their older sister is. They were baptized on Christmas day, their older sisters birthday, and their dad came- said the closing prayer- then came to church with them the next day. It was absolutely beautiful.
I don't know if y'all remember the man in the Purple shirt from a few weeks back, but that is Brother Soe. We've stopped by his house a coulpe of times each week as the elders have been teaching him, and wow he just loves the gospel! He loves that Heavenly Father hears his prayers and he always has faith he will recieve an answer. It was incredible, absolutely incredible and amazing and nuts, to know that a few short weeks ago we had met him at a bus stop and now he is part of our church family and has the girft of the Holy Ghost. Soon we will see him at the temple!
And then ofcourse, Gangnam Lee. Thank you for praying for her- I know that it has helped bring so many miracles about in her life. She had back surgery last tuesday, and we really werent sure if her health would be good enough for her to enter the water. But when we asked her on Christmas what she wanted to do, she told us with a steadfast heart that she was going to prepare for sunday. When we returned the next day, she was up out of her bed preparing white clothes for the service. I couldn't help but hug her and start crying. Her faith amazes me everyday. She was baptized on sunday the 27th and is so excited for her new life.
I can't believe how fast time has gone. I'm so thankful for every moment here. I'm even more thankful for the amazing testimonies of you at home and the tesimonies of the korean people. You inspire me. I love you all so much!
Thank you for everything and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Sister Weston
Look at all the Christmas Baptisms!!!!!!!


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