Monday, May 2, 2016

Golden Springtime

Hey Everybody!
I imagine it's getting pretty warm there as it is here :) All the cherry blossoms are in full bloom now and it's the best thing ever.
After Zone Conference Sister SunYoung and I had a really fun week full of walking haha. Since we split into two teams here we've been trying to figure out investigators, who will teach who, who will do what, and on top of that we've stopped teaching a lot of people. So..... Sister SunYoung and I hit the streets! It was so fun but I know she's probably really tired! Not everyone is used to walking 20 kilometers a day I guess...
The best part of walking, is all the miracles!  We met three people that we had seen previously and this time when we saw them they came up to us and wanted to talk more. That was really wonderful and we should be meeting them again this week.
The small but great thing I wanted to share with you this week from all our walking is a story about a pad of sticky notes that I had lost. I bought them in Daejeon (about an hour or so away from where we live) and they are perfect for giving to people to help them remember what to read and pray about. I used them for everything and they made me so happy (I know lame, but it's the little things). Well one day with sister McDonald, I had written a little note to a member on the way to her house, super excited, then we got to the members house and I didn't have the sticky notes.
We stayed cool, calm, and collected until we left, but I really almost started crying when we got out. I made Sister McDonald rtrace our steps and even had to say a little prayer so I could get over it. I know, youre like "no big deal" but these are the worlds greatest misisonary sticky notes.
Well it's been about a week and a half since then. I'm over it, or so I thought. Then Sister SunYoung and I were walking towards home after trying to visit someone, and I asked if we could go road thats a little farther away to put up more english flyers. She said okay, and when we reached the raod we saw a bus driver stopped, door open, yelling at us. I went over there and understood he was yelling "memo! memo!" which is stickynote in korean vocabulary. HE HAD KEPT MY STICKYNOTES AND RECOGNIZED US ON THE ROAD AND STOPPED TO GIVE THEM BACK!!! I was so amazed!  Sister SunYoung was so confused because she didn't even know these things existed, and I'm just so happy. There are good people in all places, happy moments to be found at all times.
Sister McDonald and I were able to make Deajeon Mission History by being the fist sisters to speak on conference call about concecration for the mission (usually it's zone leaders but now they want sisters to do it too) and we spoke about joy. Words that hit be hard this week were those of F. Enzio Busche "Serving the Lord without joyfullness is an abomination in the sight of God and will bear no fruit." When we fulfill our callings with a happy heart there is nothing more pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. I'm so thankful that Sister SunYoung is my companion and that no matter where we are we can work hard and have fun together.
Sister Parks daughter was baptized this week and it was a lovely service. The Branch felt like a family and everyone had so much fun. It reminded me of what I felt at my own baptism and that was a really great experience for me. Also we found out that Borther Soe (purple shirt) blessed the sacrament this past week at church. Everything this week was joyful :)
I love you all so much and hope and pray everyday that you are happy where you are and what you're doing. Know that the Lord knows you by name and loves ou endlessly. I love you too!
Sister Weston

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