Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy New Start

Hey Everybody!

Hope you've been having a great week and a great Easter! Koreans don't celebrate Easter like we do but all the missionaries got a tons of decorated hard boiled eggs yesterday from the kids in the branch, it was really cute :) This week a lot has changed, and I'm super tired. But Looking back on my mission all of my tiredest times are my favorite times because that's when the most is going on haha :) I'm sure this will be no different. 

Sister Uhl and Sister Kim are in the house!!! We went to pick them up on thursday in DaeJeon and it was so much fun. Sister Uhl and I ran to hug eachother and it feels like no time has past. Sister Kim (her full name is SunYoung Kim) is from vancouver!!! And she is amazing! She lived in Korean until middle school and then moved to Canada so she is perfect in both languages, she also has a lot of spunk! 

As we walk on the streets together, Sister Kim finds a miracle story in every person we talk to and that brings me a ton of new hope! I remember doing the same thing as a greeny, and God answered my prayers by sending that spirit to me again. I have been asking him for the past month or so to help me finish my mission the absolute strongest and this is very possibly His way of helping me do so :) I love Sister Kim so much! 

Sister Iem's surgery went really well!! Thank you for praying!! She called us right after and it was so cute :) Hopefully we can see her out at church when she is recovered :)

Other than that, we had a seventy come to church yesterday and talk to us about 가정 which means home&family :) He stressed the importance of praying and reading the scriptures, promising us that if we did all the hopes we had for our families could much more simply become reality. I still remember praying with my brothers and parents when I was young, and how much I loved that time. As we see two less active mothers coming back to church, along with moms getting baptized, and one of our investigators Sister Park hopefully preparing to be baptized with her daughter next month, my faith that the gospel was made for and blesses families grows everyday. 

This is all possible because of our greatest example, friend and savior- Christ. I hope we can recognize our many blessings today and see again how they all root back to him. I leave you with this quote Scott shared with me today, "Today we celebrate the gift of victory over every fall we have ever experienced, every sorrow we have ever known."

I love each of you so very much, and am praying for you always. Have a great week and do something good for April fools :)

Sister Weston

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