Monday, May 2, 2016

행운 : good fortune, a stroke of good luck

Hey Everybody,
Looks and sounds like its really becoming spring back home and that just makes everything better! There's not much time left in school and that's pretty crazy too. Sister McDonald and I are doing everything we can to enjoy the time and beautiful weather that's here! Today was transfer calls, and it's a little confusing but I'll try to explain! Sister McDonald and I will both be staying here!YAY!!! WE will also be serving as sister training leaders together which is literally going to be the best thing ever! And because work has been going so well here in SeJong, we will be serving as two teams. Sister McDonald will open with my favorite daughter Sister Uhl! And I'll be training a new favorite daughter! I don't know what else to say other than we are really excited!
This week so many great things happened, the cherry blossoms started to bloom and three people were baptized! Two were people Sister Byun and I taught in GwangJu, our Phillipino friends Neya and Ronald! I remember the first time they came to church we asked them what they thought, and Ronald said the only think he could think about was marrying Neya in there! We were like "YEAH RONALD YOU CAN DO THAT!" They are the sweetest people, can' wait to see them again with Cherry again in June! Then our friend YoonHee Park was baptized here in Sejong! I forgot my camera so I don't have pictures yet but wow it was beautiful! And The branch here is just becoming so strong because all these amazing moms are being baptized! I can' begin to express how much we see, and how much I've learned, how the gospel blesses families in all the big ways and in the little everyday ways too. Our mom JeongSuk came to the service and she was so proud of YoonHee for being baptized as a mother as well, it was adorable!
Crazy thing that happened this week that I meant to really write you about started on Wednesday morning. We were walking to the church, kind of in a hurry when we saw two older women. We passed them because we were in a hurry, but then we looked at each other with that look that said, no we have to go back. We did, we talked to them, and they seemed not too interested so we gave them our phone number and told them to have a happy day.
About 3 or 4 minutes later, we hear a voice behind us, one of the women had run about 300 meters to catch up with us. It was clear she had a slight mental handicap, and told us she would be having brain surgery next week, but she really wanted us to come visit her so we made an appointment with her for Thursday night at 6:30.
To be honest, on our way to the appointment, we were really excited and questioned if we should really go. Most people we meet on the street similar to her don't really have interest and sometimes going to their homes can be not the wisest thing to do.  But we knew we had made an appointment and so we prayed and went.
When she answered the door, she told us she was nervous we wouldn't show up but was so happy we did. Her house, I cant even describe it- it was artistic, welcoming, sophisticated, and nothing at all what we had expected.
When we started talking to her, I wanted to starting crying at the thought that I had ever thought we shouldn't have come. We asked if we could share with her a plan of happiness, and when we wrote  down on a piece of paper "Iem IenSook's happy plan" She wrote underneath "to not feel pain. To be a person that can help everyone"
She then proceeded to explain to us that she has Parkinson's disease. And that is why she will be having surgery. Then she showed us a sign on her door, similar to other signs hanging about her house and the entire apartment complex that says "행운" which means good fortune or a stroke of good luck. Despite her current health and discomfort she believes with all her heart that she continually receives this- because she has so many people around her who love her.
We received a call from her everyday since then to come over and eat at her house, each time we go there is a different friend that she has also invited and wants us to teach. She will be in Seoul and then Busan for her surgery, but want to be baptized upon her return.
To me honest, I'm not sure how it will all work out. But in the short time that I've know Sister Iem (pronounced like eeeem), She's changed my heart, my perspective on life, and Christ like love.
I know this was long but thanks for letting me share :) I'll keep you updated on how everyone is doing and who our new missionary friend will be :) I love you so much! and I know The Savior loves and understand all of us perfectly. Don' forget he's there, and how much he appreciates the love you show Him as well.
Have the best week ever!
Sister Weston
(second picture is Sister McDonald with one of Sister Iems friends and an apple she had carved)

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