Monday, May 2, 2016

Good Times

Hey Everybody!

I hope you've been having a wonderful week :) Sister SunYoung and I have had a week full of good times and surprises :) I realizes that I haven't really told you much what we do on the reg, and so that's what I wanted to do this week :)

Mondays: Preparation day. Clean. Have leadership conference call. Learn Kayagum (a Korean instrument) from 1-3 and then go adventuring in our area. Today we will go to a place of 1,000 Buddhas. 

Tuesday: District meeting. Eat lunch with the sisters (we are the only district in the mission with more sisters than elders 6:4) 

Wednesday/ Thursday: Meet with HyunJi the little girl we teach who is preparing to be baptized on April 30th :)

Friday: English class where we hear people say "pairy" instead of "fairy" and "yarning" instead of "yawning"

Saturday: teach teach teach!

Sunday: Church until noon, eat with the members, teach, then eat again and pray about where the Lord would have us go and then go there from 5-9! This last week we were able to meet an awesome new family and another potential investigator during that time.

Y'all. I love this time. I love the things the Lord puts in our path, especially the friends we make. I'm so thankful for all you friend at home. I'm thankful for your examples. I'm thankful for your open hearts to the gospel. I'm thankful for your prayers. I've seen more miracles being away from home than I think I ever did when I was there and I know it's because the Lord is with you. 

Y'all I just love you. so so so much.

Sister Weston

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